Play Hard - Live Hard - Love Harder

Nonprofit Organization Supporting Youth Sports Programs

Play Hard - Live Hard - Love Harder

Nonprofit Organization Supporting Youth Sports Programs

Who We Are

The Jason Clearwater Fund (JCF) is a non for profit organization dedicated to donating to local youth sports programs.


Jason was raised in the small town of Mazon, IL where sports were always a central part of his life. From the earliest age, he was skipping rocks along the creek and racing his sisters down to the neighbors to play. He grew up playing at MVK, and spent countless afternoons and weekends at the local ballpark. He also toughed it out on the football field as a Grundy County Chief and at Seneca High School Class of 1996. As a young adult, his passion for sports kept him involved in softball leagues and at any spectator sport he could get to! Playing sports in a small town had its challenges, of course. There weren’t fancy facilities and all the equipment other teams might have had, but there was a real sense of community and camaraderie. Jason loved that experience. Whether #2 was winning or losing, his teammates could always count on a HEYOO to support his team. JCF carries on Jason Clearwater’s legacy by providing sports opportunities for the local youth athletes.

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The Jason Clearwater Fund is dedicated to promote access to sports for local youth in Jason’s memory. Through our programs, initiatives, and partnerships, we seek to enrich the lives of the athletes, teams and communities through the power of sports. Whether you are a player, coach, fan, or supporter, we invite you to join us on this journey and help make a difference in the world of sports.

Our Goal

JCF helps create a better playing experience for our local youth athletes. We are here to help our community athletes – Play Hard – Live Hard – Love Harder!


Partner With Our Organization

Your donation will go a long way! With your help, we can provide equipment, apparel, and a better experience to local sports teams. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the ways you can support our organization.